157cm Realistic TPE Sex Doll-Mavis

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Realistic TPE Sex Doll


Mavis is a Realistic TPE Sex Doll with a small  breast.

Although she has a compact design, you can see her mature face and curvy body right in front of you. She is totally an adult just with a petite and skinny body. She is the best mammary sex toy as she has a huge and soft boob. Put your penis between her boob, apply some lubricant, she will completely blow your mind.

When you search for real sex dolls or silicone sex dolls related products on the Internet, you should easily find young sex dolls, but after you sort the prices, you will get a surprised price list, from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars No waiting, we have excellent cost control to ensure that you can get the young sex doll at the lowest price in the market.

Every doll we sell is a work of art. If you are willing to buy her, please love and take good care of her, pay attention when using it. Let her body be cleaned in time, then use dry powder to keep her body dry and principle bacteria When you are not using it, please keep her in a dry environment.

Doll Measurements:
Height: 157cm/5.15ft
Weight: 29kg/63.9lbs
Breast: 67cm/26.4in
Waist: 48cm/18.9in
Hip: 77cm/30.3in
Shoulder Width: 30cm/11.8in
Arm Length: 50cm/19.7in
Hands Length: 18cm/7.1in
Leg Length: 84cm/33.1in
Foot Length: 22cm/8.7in
Thigh Girth: 44cm/17.3in
Calf Girth: 28cm/11in


Weight 34 kg
Eye Color

Black, Blue, Green

Skin Color

Flesh, Pale, Tan

Body Temperature

Heating system (37°C), Without heating system

Feet Option

standard, standing

Pubic Hair

shaved, with pubic hair

Smart Voice

With smart voice system, Without smart voice

2 reviews for 157cm Realistic TPE Sex Doll-Mavis

  1. Rachel

    My doll is unequivocally AWESOME!!!!! I MEAN AWESOME!!!! I just got her today and fedex had the box upright, i mean really? It says right on the box do not place upright. You might want to consider talking to them in the future because fedex has been very sketchy about employee job satisfaction issues. But no complaints whatsoever with your product. This beautiful girl is puuuurfect! I want you to know as well ive been really sick for a while and this really helps. I wish these were covered under my medical benefits oh my gosh. But seriously thank you so much im about to cry for real.

  2. Mark

    The doll is great, and I got it at an incredible price. It was extremely well packed and arrived within 9 days of my order. The customer service was excellent. It has a fair amount of weight to it and the joints take some practice when getting used to how to move it and are fairly stiff. I have not been able to spread the legs wide enough to fit between them, but no worries as the doll was meant primarily to cuddle and sleep beside. The openings seem okay, but I have not used and am not planning to– if this is going to be your primary use for the doll, you might consider the weight and potential awkwardness with positioning as well as the extra clean up. I have a 10-11 inch torso doll that does the job and I’m very satisfied with, but it does not really offer enough size for a satisfying cuddle. Be prepared for extra time caring for this doll and have a place to safely store her. This is my first doll and I could not resist at the price, as I felt like I would eventually want one for sleeping next to. A good place to start if you are unsure of what you want might be a 10 to 15 inch torso doll–much easier to use and clean, $35-90 depending on the size, and feels realistic and satisfying albeit without the full-size experience. If you know you want a full size doll, this product is great– it has fantastic value, a realistic look and feel, and the seller is outstanding.

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